Dr. Dale Taylor Interview

The text of a 2015 interview with Dr. Dale Taylor was republished in the June 2019 issue of Honoring Choices, the Newsletter of the Wisconsin Medical Society’s Honoring Choices Wisconsin program. In the interview, Prof. Taylor explains the importance of including music choices in Advance Directives, an initiative that he began working on in 2015 and which reached fruition in October 2017 with approval from the WMS, Music & Memory, Inc., WCMT, the AMTA Music Listening Workgroup and the AMTA leadership. The article can be accessed here: 


The Advance Music Planning survey form with rationale can be used with long term care clients and is available on the Wisconsin Medical Society’s website here:  https://www.wisconsinmedicalsociety.org/professional/hcw/resources-2/.  Dr. Taylor also was the May 31 speaker in the Friday Facts series at Dove Healthcare in Eau Claire addressing the topic of “Health Benefits of Music for the Brain” and he presented at Senior Americans Day on June 4 in Eau Claire exploring the topic of Diversity. 


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