Alverno College in Milwaukee, WI

Alverno College Undergraduate Degree Program in Music Therapy

MT-BCs can contact Leslie Henry to ask about starting a UNIVERSITY AFFILIATED INTERNSHIP

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If you enjoy working with people and have a strong belief in the power of music to affect human behavior, Alverno’s Music Therapy Degree or Music Therapy Equivalency programs are for you! Students are prepared for careers in health care using the art of music as therapeutic treatment. While studying music therapy at Alverno you can receive the Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy, or the Music Therapy Equivalency. The bachelor’s degree is a four year program plus internship. If you have a degree in another area of study, we offer the Equivalency option which allows you to focus on specific courses required to become a Board Certified music therapist. Alverno’s highly regarded ability-based curriculum allows you to integrate all aspects of your education to prepare you to work in this profession. Our location in an urban setting allows access to diverse clinical settings where you will work under the direct supervision of board certified music therapists in various areas of health care.  Leslie Henry is the Director of Music Therapy and Assistant Professor at Alverno College.

New: Spring 2020 – Master of Music Therapy at Alverno College, Distance Education

Alverno College launched a Master in Music Therapy (MMT) program in the fall of 2018.  Alverno hired Rebecca Engen, Ph.D., MT-BC to oversee the new master’s program. Open to both women and men, this program was intentionally designed as a Master of Music Therapy, rather than a Master of Art in Music Therapy. The distinction means this is the most specialized degree available, and is highly desirable to music therapists looking to advance their training. The program requires 36 credits to complete. Designed to serve music therapists both locally and globally, students will take most of their classes online and will only be required to be on campus for up to one week each summer for face-to-face student engagement and learning. Students can choose to attend full or part time, and can complete the program in two years with full-time attendance.

Carroll University in Waukesha, WI

Carroll University Undergraduate Degree Program in Music Therapy

MT-BCs can contact Tamra Fricke, MA, MT-BC to ask about starting a UNIVERSITY AFFILIATED INTERNSHIP: 

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Music can inspire, lead, comfort and heal. As a music therapist, you’ll use your knowledge and abilities in music to help people live better lives.

Music therapy is a fast-growing field and Carroll University is one of only two institutions in Wisconsin offering an AMTA-certified music therapy degree. Music therapy is useful for a wide variety of patients, from infants to the elderly and those suffering from trauma, injury, illness and disease. It can help reduce anxiety and stress, coax movement, generate social interaction and improve a patient’s quality of life in numerous ways. Music therapists work in diverse settings–from clinics and hospitals to schools and homes. In our program, you’ll study music, gain proficiency in an instrument and also acquire the qualifications to be a therapist, learning clinical skills with patients and preparing for a professional practice.

Tamra Fricke, MA, MT-BC is the Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of Music Therapy at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wi.  

Music Therapy Internships in Wisconsin

For those completing the Bachelor’s of Music Therapy degree work, a clinical internship is the final stage.  AMTA has a listing of national roster internship sites.  University Affiliated Internship sites would not be listed there.

If you are not a music therapy student but are interested in helping out, look in the “Music Therapy Directory” section of our website to email music therapists in your area and ask about potential volunteer opportunities.