Title Choir Director
Position Title Choir Director
Company Name Oshkosh Choir Arts for All
Location Oshkosh
Job Description
The ARTS for ALL Wisconsin (AFA) Oshkosh Choir Director reports to the Choir Coordinator and is responsible for the overall development and facilitation of the Oshkosh choir program, ensuring the program’s success and fulfillment of its annual goals. The Choir Director must be able to work independently, using a high level of initiative, judgment, and analysis in the performance of the following responsibilities and duties:
o Coordinate and facilitate choir rehearsals and performances
o Develop annual choir goals and objectives in coordination with AFA supervisor
o Utilize adaptive techniques and tools to support inclusion of individuals with varying disabilities
o Recruit and maintain roster of choir members with and without disabilities
o Identify, purchase (with prior approval), and prepare program materials
o Abide by all copyright laws related to music reproduction and distribution
o Communicate with AFA administrative staff regarding potential funding, sponsorship and publicity information
o Participate in special events and performances and attend AFA Choir Director meetings as directed
o Document program progress and outcomes by completing regular evaluations
o Present and promote choir and ARTS for ALL Wisconsin’s mission and values to program stakeholders
o Adhere to all policies and procedures as outlined in the Employee Handbook
o Additional responsibilities and duties as assigned
o Basic proficiency in singing and reading music
o Demonstrated commitment to disability knowledge and implementation of inclusive practices
o Confident group leadership and ability to collaborate effectively with a team
o Strong sense of organization and independent decision making
o Responsive and prompt communication and attendance

Interested parties should contact Christina Martin-Wright, Executive Director at christina@artsforallwi.org or call 608-241-2131, extension 203

Date Posted 10/18/2022