College Degree Programs in WI

knightbwAlverno College in Milwuakee, WI

If you enjoy working with people and have a strong belief in the power of music to affect human behavior, Alverno’s Music Therapy Degree or Music Therapy Equivalency programs are for you! Students are prepared for careers in health care using the art of music as therapeutic treatment. While studying music therapy at Alverno you can receive the Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy, or the Music Therapy Equivalency. The bachelor’s degree is a four year program plus internship. If you have a degree in another area of study, we offer the Equivalency option which allows you to focus on specific courses required to become a Board Certified music therapist. Alverno’s highly regarded ability-based curriculum allows you to integrate all aspects of your education to prepare you to work in this profession. Our location in an urban setting allows access to diverse clinical settings where you will work under the direct supervision of board certified music therapists in various areas of health care.  Diane Knight is the Professor of Music Therapy at Alverno.  Click here to read more about the music therapy program at Alverno or Professor Knight.

rasarbw University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

The Music Therapy Program showcases the mission and strategic plan of the university by combining research, teaching, and community service in the delivery of courses. In addition to clinical courses which are taught in community settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, forensic settings, public schools, and private homes, students go into nursing homes, hospitals, and forensic settings one day weekly for academic courses when being graded on their music and clinical skills. This involvement is a win-win situation for everyone as the facilities/agencies benefit from free programming, the students gain real life experience and broaden their education, and the patients/residents/inmates receive the services they need to respond in meaningful ways. The community involvement of our music therapy faculty and students includes seeing over 1000 clients each week, making a deep impact on the Chippewa Valley and its connection to the university. Lee Anna Rasar is the Professor of Music Therapy, Program Director, and Clinical Coordinator at UW-EC.  Click here to read more about the music therapy program at UW-EC or Professor Rasar.